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The goal of the Good Choices campaign is to separate the perception of the behavior of college students from the reality. A digital application, a series of giveaways, and environmental graphics were designed as a brand extension to communicate to students with a conversational, familiar tone.

Components include

An interactive chat room simulation where a student can have a conversation with “The Debunker” to compare their perception versus the reality of student behaviors on campus in three categories: drug use, alcohol, and sex.

A card game with sixteen cards, each containing either a common activity and a way to make it more interesting.

A Tool Kit is a matchbook-sized envelope which contains a condom. It is designed to combat embarrassment students have when accepting condoms provided by the University Health Center by using discrete packaging and a humorous tagline.

Large window clings will be placed on buildings around campus, carrying a similar message as the stickers. These will direct attention to the Good Choices campaign and the newly-launched minisite. They are printed on a transparent material that is visible only one-way.