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    Keywords Non-profit identity

Transformotion is a non-profit organization that promotes mobility through the distribution of wheelchairs to those who can't afford them and counseling for those who have faced a recent life-changing injury.

Components include

The Access mobile application will allow individuals to rate buildings and their level of handicap accessibility. The application allows users to give ratings based on a 5-point scale, to provide comments to better describe their rating, and to upload photos of the facility they are rating.

The website allows for users to read about success stories, learn how they can help, and learn how they can benefit from the Transformotion cause.

The extended-arm Full Access tool allows individuals with disabilities to pick up hard-to-reach items and helps with mobility, safety and comfort.

Our target audience ranges from young children to retired adults who are interested in all aspects of theatre, regardless of skill level. Productions, events and workshops cater to all skill levels. There is a place for everyone at Silhouettes.