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    Communication Design 2


  • Student Emily Watz
    Keywords Local theatre, non-profit identity

Silhouettes is the theatre group serving Mecosta County and its surrounding communities. We began with a dozen people at the Old Jail in Big Rapids, Michigan in 1981. These charter members started a wonderful tradition of inspiring creativity, supporting the community and forming a family with a love of theatre that has lasted for over thirty years.

We are the outlet for the community to step away from the daily grind and have fun in someone else’s shoes. These shoes belonging to actors, directors, backstage help, builders, sound and technology production, makeup artists, seamstresses, understudies, ushers, workshop volunteers, etc.

Our target audience ranges from young children to retired adults who are interested in all aspects of theatre, regardless of skill level. Productions, events and workshops cater to all skill levels. There is a place for everyone at Silhouettes.