WorkDesignerTheir Life

  • Project Title
    Their Life

    Book design, bindery

    Book, photography, carousel bindery

  • Number of pages 10

    Flat size
    12" x 12"

    Finished size
    6" x 6"

This book is a collaborative project between a designer and photographer. The photos collected for the book are from the work of documentary photographer Laura Camden. Laura is an Associate Professor of Photography at Northern Arizona University and also a professional documentary photographer. Photos selected are based on a theme of Laura’s powerful documentation style of photography. I paired photos together to create page and book sequences, based on moods and interactions of the photos.

The carousel bindery is a wonderful technique to develop mysterious places and atmospheres. My work usually involves an element of user interaction or participation, using the carousel bindery, I was able to create interactions with the viewer. When someone looks at the book they have to move the viewing tabs or switch angles in order to see the complete book components and images.

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