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    Grafik Intervention

    Grafik Intervention

    Urban revitalization, design process

  • Components
    Grafik Intervention
    3D Cards
    Advertising Campaign
    Questionnaire Cards
    Walking Map

How can graphic designers take responsibility and help rehabilitate wounded urban places?

Buildings that sit vacant for several years can become an eyesore in any community. In some situations, it is too costly to rehabilitate spaces, causing developers not to rehabilitate the building and leaving it to urban decay. This project is a case study designed to help bring more awareness to the future potential of abandoned urban spaces.

Grafik Intervention uses digital projections to engage the public through visually dynamic and compelling communication methods. The projections are designed to provide historical information in an urban context. The goal of the projections is to inspire community members to consider the potential of currently unused buildings in their community.

Through engagement and awareness, only positive results can occur when active community members take action and pride in their own neighborhood.