WorkDesignerSuper Glue

  • Project Title
    Super Glue


    3 books, slipcase

  • Number of pages
    16 pages for each book

    Flat size
    14" x 20"

    Finished size
    14" x 10"

This is not your Grandfather's Super Glue!

This new brand for Super Glue was designed for those hip, cool and fresh people of today's modern world. The audience spectrum is designed to cater to the younger crowd, the 18-30 years old, who live an active, technologically advanced social lifestyle, where things inevitably rip, tear or break and need fixing—in a super, fast, strong way!

For the perfect identity, I have always been a fan of options and flexibility. Using bright colors and vivid details I created a brand that relates to a missing target market with current Super Glue users.