My academic research is currently focused on interactive online and hybrid learning environments that facilitate engaged learning, design pedagogy and student evaluation assessment.

With my focus of online and hybrid learning environments, I use research and evaluation to understand how combining onsite classroom learning and curriculum design with digital technologies can be beneficial to both students and faculty in all learning environments.

My creative research is currently focused on interpreting various states of abandonment and vacancy occurring in rural towns across America in order to bring more awareness to urban decay.

My project titled Grafik Archistruct, focuses on a deeper awareness for built environmental urban decay. Using Google Street View to discover identify and document, Grafik Archistruct focuses on spreading awareness through social media, virtual and physical exhibitions.

Visit Grafik Archistruct to learn more.

I also create more awareness of abandonment and vacancy occurring in towns across America using large format projections on the facades of buildings with my project called Grafik Intervention. The goal of Grafik Intervention is to create dialogue and discussions with the community to help create more awareness and change.

Visit grafikintervention.com to learn more.

Both my creative and academic research has always influenced my teaching and I routinely bring my insights and experiences back into the classroom to share with my students.