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    Grafik Archistruct


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  • Locations
    Rural Cities across America

    Underutilized American urban landscapes

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Cities Visited


1. Bisbee
2. Nogales
3. Tombstone
4. Winslow
5. Globe


1. Hugo
2. Lamar
3. Limon
4. Montrose
5. Trinidad


1. Logansport
2. Muncie
3. Valparaiso
4. Washington
5. Gary


1. Tillamook
2. Astoria
3. Vale
4. The Dalles
5. Talent


1. Ogden
2. Logan
3. Salina
4. Monticello
5. Green River

Grafik Archistruct is an extension of William Culpepper’s urban digital projection project called Grafik Intervention. With Grafik Intervention, the use of digital projections are designed to spark urban revitalization efforts and engage the general public through visually dynamic and compelling communication methods on underutilized and abandoned buildings across America.

Grafik Archistruct uses Google Street View to discover, identify, and bring awareness to urban decay that is occurring in small rural towns across America. Within each identified rural city, five case study buildings are carefully selected based on their notable history and location, in contrast to their current state of abandonment.

Through engagement and awareness, only positive results can occur when active community members take action and pride in their own neighborhood.

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