WorkArtistMixed MediaSituational Awareness
  • Project Title
    Situational Awareness


  • Location
    New York, NY

    ISE Cultural Foundation

Situational Awareness is comprised of 36 unique 8.5” X 3.65” cards that each contain one appearance based adjective. These adjectives where selected based on the highest possibilities of visually describing submitted art at the 2009 Art Student Exhibition gallery exhibition at ISE Cultural Foundation.

The cards are printed in English, with select cards printed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The cards were conceived from the observations of “Wet Paint” signs that appear in public places. After seeing the words “Wet Paint”, does it change the perspective of an object or situation?

The placement of the cards in the gallery was determined by the curators or staff at the ISE Cultural Foundation. Display options for the cards included: partially placed under pedestal displays, next to paintings, photographs or other wall hanging media. In restrooms, on entrance doors, in or around hallways. All locations where selected to increase visual awareness, observations and discussions.