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Images of life through the lens of the Graphic Design Program at Ferris State University. The design progam is uniquely located in a college of business.

► 8:00 AM press check with Tom Engelsman.
► Student tour of Caraustar: Recycled Paperboard and Packaging Solutions.
► Class of 2011 with Design Army.
► Sarah Sawtell, Command X at AIGA Design Conference in 2011.
► Collection of swag from a tour of French Paper in Niles, MI.
► Kourtney Bartz with professionals at the 2011 portfolio review.
► Class of 2011 with senior portfolio faculty Alison Popp.
► Sandy Wheeler & Rob Carter with a topographic world.
► Sandy Wheeler & Rob Carter approve of Steve Laydon's typography.
► It's not offical until the client shakes your hand!